Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5, 2007 - to Hosur, Karnataka

CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN. “On the Twlefth Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me...” -- twelve mountains to climb! Out of 97 kilometers (60.5 miles) we pedaled on this day last year, over half were invested in mountain climbing. One after another, they kept coming at us. The toil brought us steadily up toward the great metropolis of Bangalore. We rode out of the state of Tamil Nadu and into Karnataka. The language changed from Tamil to Kannada.

BIKE AS A SHOP. Throughout our trek in India, we were impressed by the diverse and practical use of bicycles. After a week of seeing bikes functionally utilized, nothing surprised us. This fellow carried and sold water jugs of various sizes and styles on his bike. So, in addition to a 45-lb. bike, we figured he had at least an additional 120 lbs. to carry. Can you imagine the balance this takes? He won't go anywhere fast, but he'll have his shop with him when he gets to where he wants to go.

Photo by Joe James

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