Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8, 2007 - from Bangalore to Bagepalli, Karnataka

REJOINING THE JOURNEY. On this day one year ago, we struck out from Bangalore with two new Indian riders--Mohan and Shereesh. Our guide through Karnataka was a minister named Sagar. It was very humbling to think these guys would take a week out of their year to accompany us on our journey. We set our sights on making it to Hyderabad by week's end. Each day we would crank about 100 kilometers northward on National Highway 7.

MARKETPLACE VARIETY. Villages are relatively close together throughout India. We were never far from a village and a small marketplace. The marketplaces were full of carts filled with every kind of ware that might possibly sell. Fruit and vegetable carts were most prominent and they were often tended by children, like this girl, while other family members cared for other marketplace duties. What a great smile!

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