Monday, January 14, 2008

January 14, 2007 - Speaking and celebrating in Hyderabad

SERVICE & CELEBRATION. Each of our Bicycle Indian 2007 core team members spoke about our project of raising funds and awareness for rebuilding Umri Christian Hospital at different locations on this day last year. That afternoon, we headed to a youth hostel for a welcome celebration by the Emmanuel Conference of the Free Methodist Church. It was an uproarious event with garlands, dancing, signs, and children throwing flower petals. Men danced the “tiger dance,” encircling each of our cycling team members and gyrating to tribal drums and instruments. What fun!

SYMBOL OF SACRIFICE & PARTNERSHIP. After the hilarity, we were then offered a foot washing--an ancient rite of both honor and humble service--by two bishops of the Indian church. Feet that were pedaling the length of India for the sake of raising funds to rebuild Umri Christian Hospital were caressed by hands that offer servant leadership to the pastors that serve fledgling communities of faith throughout the southern part of India. In turn, we were privileged to wash the feet of the Bishops.

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