Friday, January 11, 2008

$2,500 puts people in developing regions in a four-wheeler

AFFORDABLE. Tata is India's largest vehicle maker. It is now the maker of the world's most affordable auto. At $2,500, the Nano is about the same cost of a motor scooter and less than many motorcycles in India and other world areas. Indians who make an average of $200 per month might begin to consider a Nano in their future.

21st CENTURY BEETLE. The four-seater Tata product is intended for use well beyond its own nation of over 1 billion residents. The Nano is intended have a similar impact to the Volkswagen Beetle in developing regions, where limited incomes have limited four-wheel vehicle access and use. In many world areas, bicycles, motor scooters, motorcycles, and animal-pulled carts are the predominant means of personal transportation and trains and buses are receive heavy use for mass transportation.

CARBON IMPACTS. The Nano gets about 50 miles per gallon and meets European emission standards. However, the thought of multiple millions more vehicles consuming petroleum and emitting carbons in traffic on roads around the world is a challenging scenario in the face of climate change.

Read more in Time's article.

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