Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Sorry I didn't get to see you off as you headed back to the university yesterday. My prayers and thoughts for your happiness and future are full today.

I keep this picture in my PC files. It must be from when we lived on Medford Avenue. It's one of my favorites.

May God guide and bless you in your studies, decisions, and endeavors. I am proud of you.

-- Dad


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    thankyou. and its alright. i will be back for hoosier hysteria and a concert in two weekends. i love that picture. ive never seen it before. i left my phone for you and its charger on the kitchen bar/counter thing. hope you like it!

  2. Thanks for the phone, Jared. I used it to call you. The "hand-me-down" phones you guys keep giving me when you get new ones are always an "upgrade" from the last one I received!


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