Thursday, January 10, 2008


Is life a series of concessions
played out against a backdrop of
some lost original intent,
a series of dramatic attempts at
second best?

Do we work backward through
mistaken assumptions,
misguided notions,
and moral falterings
to a design or plan or ideal
in which we had
no say?

To some extent it is.
To some extent we do.
Even when we think we have
done it all right and righteously,
Fallenness came before us and
still pervades.

Yet there is an original beauty,
a residual sacredness which
brokenness and sin have
not been able to overcome or
completely eclipse.

Perhaps grace is the love in action that
draws us, nearly blind and unwittingly,
both backward and forward,
toward a recovery of the very
holiness in and for which we
were created.

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