Saturday, December 29, 2007


Dist: 22.4 mi. Avg spd: 16.4. Conditions: 31 degrees, damp roads, overcast skies. Route: north on Dandy Trail to 56th St; through Eagle Creek Park to 71st St; north on Lafayette Rd to Whitestown Rd; east on Whitestown Rd to Kissel Rd; south on Kissel Rd to Lafayette Rd; south on Lafayette Rd to Eagle Creek Park; through ECP to 56th to Dandy Tr to home.

Ride notes: I set out to ride half the distance we traveled on this day one year ago in India--it was our first day of riding there. Today, 37.5 miles would have done it, as we pedaled 75 miles from Nagercoil to Kaniyakumari to Anandapuram on December 29, 2006. But there's quite a bit of difference between riding in 85-95 degree sunny weather and freezing temps with a bit of drizzle--about a 50-degree difference. Even with new neoprene over-shoe covers, my feet got real cold; otherwise, I might still be riding. But 22.4 miles was satisfying, nonetheless. I'd like to ride as many days as possible during these weeks, possibly put in half the distance--1,000 miles--before February 8 rolls around. We'll see.

I haven't posted a number of my rides since my last Bike Hike Log. Most of them have been between 10 and 20 miles in distance and mostly through Eagle Creek Park. I've ridden two or three times a week, either outdoors or on my indoor trainer.

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