Monday, December 31, 2007


Dist: 15.4 mi. Avg spd: 16.1 Cadence: 88. Conditions: 38 degrees, sunny; I squeezed in this early afternoon ride before a predicted change in weather that is supposed to bring freezing rain and snow by early this evening. Route: Eagle Creek Park and north Lafayette Rd to 86th St and return.

Ride notes: I'm trying to follow through on my intention to ride 1,000 miles between December 29 and February 8. That would be half the distance we rode through India during this same time frame a year ago. That's 39 days, so I'll need to pedal 25.6 miles per day to meet that goal. It's not very likely I'll reach that goal, but I will make an attempt to approach it. Riding outside as weather permits and inside when it's too cold, snowy, icy, or wet, I can put in some significant miles between now and February 8.

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