Sunday, November 4, 2007


Dist: 16.2. Avg spd: 18.1. Cadence: 89. Conditions: Late afternoon sun, 55 degrees, breezy. Route: Eagle Creek Park environs. Listening: Colts vs Patriots on WIBC, AM 1070.

Notes: Rode through lots of dry, wafting leaves. These were invigorating circuits on a beautiful Sunday evening. The end of daylight saving time gives a 5:00 pm ride the ambiance of sunset. I suppose I'll have an opportunity to ride at daybreak and late afternoon through fall and winter if I can flex my schedule a bit. I'm enjoying seeing Eagle Creek Park slowly change from green to golden and now dropping leaves and fading to dull brown. I haven't hiked the park's trails lately, but I'll look forward to cross-country skiing them when snow falls in December. For now, I hope to continue to ride through this incredible season.

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