Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Dist: 13.4 mi. Avg spd: 15.3. Cadence: 87. Conditions: 45 degrees, overcast. Route: from Dandy Trail @ 56th Street to WEMO -- W. Morris Street @ Tremont, mostly along Lafayette Road. This is my urban ride-to-work route. It's a pretty busy setting (and I rode it during rush hour) along 56th Street and on Lafayette Road until 30th Street. But there is good shoulder space and it's four or five lanes wide until I turn off onto chock-a-block streets near downtown. iPod listening: Brennan Manning speaking at Seattle Pacific University chapel; SPU's podcasts have some excellent speakers.

Notes: This was my first "ride to work" since my mountain bike accident in June. I want to try to get back in a routine of making the trek twice weekly thru much of the winter. I have most of the gear necessary to keep me safe and warm (or at least not too cold!) for such rides. I might invest in a strong, rechargable NiCad light and new neoprene shoe covers before it gets too dark and cold. I left my bike at the office overnight because of evening activities and hitched a ride back home with my daughter, Molly, after her and Sam's youth group gathering.