Thursday, October 11, 2007


LET'S BE CONSISTENT. If we're going to reach back nearly 100 years to hold a nation or people accountable for committing genocide, as the U. S. Congress doing in regard to what the Ottoman Turks did to the Armenians during World War I, then let's at least be consistent and call a spade a spade all the way down the line.

AFRICAN AND NATIVE AMERICAN GENOCIDE. Let's go back 200 years and correctly name what European slave traders and American settlers did to Africans brought to America what it was: genocide. Let's go back 300 years and correctly name what European explorers and American settlers did to Native Americans what is was: genocide. Let's name it what it was and is for the sake of looking at our historic and current tendencies, then question every current policy we make in regard to minorities and persecuted people groups around the world.

THE SOONER, THE BETTER. It is important to name mass ethnic killings what they are. There is no politically correct timing for insisting that genocide be the term used if it applies to the situation. The sooner the better, it seems to me, because truth tends to get lost and twisted the longer offenders and their progeny get by with whitewashing or denying their atrocities.

INCONVENIENT TRUTH. If our President can call North Korea, Iraq and Iran the "axis of evil," he should have no qualms about referring to the massacre of Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Turks as "genocide." This is, for his current political posturing, an inconvenient truth, but truth just the same. For too long truth has been disregarded, suspended, withheld, suppressed or manipulated by this Administration for the sake of political expediency. But if Democrats call for truth-telling on this issue, let them and all political power brokers be prepared for truth-telling nearer to home on down the road.

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