Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Field: A Blessing


I read this poem today in Celtic Daily Prayer. It speaks to various dimensions of faith at both personal and community-of-faith levels. A good word for today.

Every curse becomes a blessing
to the people of God's choosing.
He who spoke it shall perform it.
He shall bring on us the blessing,
though the enemy may fight,
My Jesus has done all things right.

In the dry and desert places
Jesus is our soul's oasis.
He will give us of His plenty,
fill the vessels once so empty,
pour His waters on the ground,
living waters gushing round.

See the land so black and barren;
God will make a watered garden:
fruitfulness where once was parchedness,
light to break into the darkness,
upper springs and nether springs
in the field that Father's given.

Satan tries, but cannot block it,
powers of Hell could never stop it.
Darkness flees as light is given.
God establishes His heaven
in our hearts, and in this place
shows the radiance of His face.

Reflections on Judges 1:14-15, Numbers 24:1-10; Psalm 126:3-4

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