Friday, October 19, 2007


Dist: 13.4 mi. Avg spd: 17 mph. Route: Eagle Creek Park. Conditions: Cloudy, windy and about 50 degrees; a little drizzle, not enough to wet the pavement. iPod listening: Podcast of "This American Life" episode about adults trying to talk to kids. Funny. Sad. Hopeful.

Great color mix. Trees are still not quite "peak" for radiance. More leaves remain on trees than on the ground. Leaves falling and wafting all around. Saw six doe. First time this season it's been cool enough to require long sleeves, long pants, and a light jacket. I had this thought: these leaves, so beautiful, are actually dying. It's part of a tree's life cycle. Perhaps our most radiant moments might be in our last throes? Beyond our prime and half-dead, will we shine brightest?

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