Sunday, October 28, 2007


Dist: 20.4 mi. Avg spd: 17.7. Cadence: 90. Cond: Sunny, 55 degrees. Route: S on Dandy Trail to 21st St; W on 21st about two miles past Hwy 267, then back E to Dan Jones Rd. iPod listening: Speaking of Faith podcast.

Notes: Perfect evening for riding. The sun was in my eyes on the trek west, but riding to the east was a treat--crisp, radiant colors. Trees are now at peak. I rode to our small group that gathers at 6 pm each Sunday evening in the home of one of our group participants. I loaded my Cannondale in the back of the Trail Blazer, which Becky drove to group, for the drive home after dark.

I'm feeling less pain in my back with each passing day. What occasional pain I experience is isolated in one particular spot--between my shoulder blades, to the right of center. So, it's not a spine issue. I figure it's one of the last ribs or connections to the processes to heal. But, what do I know? I have a CT scan on my back coming up in a couple of weeks; hopefully, that will be the end of the follow-up on my June 20 mountain bike accident that resulted in 17 fractures. I thought about the accident a bit while I rode today. I'm thankful to be back on a bike and with few lingering physical effects of the fall.

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