Friday, October 26, 2007


Dist: 16.2. Avg spd: 17.4. Cadence: 89. Conditions: Sunny turning cloudy, 55 degrees, windy. Route: Eagle Creek Park and then E on 71st St, S on Georgetown Rd, W on 56th St, S & N on Lafayette Rd. iPod listening: Bruce Springsteen.

Notes: My intent to take a long ride and enjoy the rich color was cut short by cloud cover turning to rain. I just wasn't equipped to ride in rain today. Toward the end of my ride, phoned my sis and met she and her husband for lunch. I almost got hit by a car at the Layfayette/56th St intersection; my fault: Traffic coming south on Lafayette was clear, I but wasn't watching northbound traffic because I thought they had a red light. They didn't. I barely missed getting plastered by a car as I turned south onto Lafayette Rd from westbound 56th St! I've got to be more careful at such busy intersections. BTW: I wear a clip-on rearview mirror on my shades to help me be aware of traffic behind me.

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