Tuesday, October 2, 2007


ARRIVING AT OCTOBER. We have arrived at October, the month that becomes golden. Here in Indianapolis, everything is still mostly green. Some leaves are beginning to turn and a few are falling. The leaves in this photo have fallen from the great white oak that graces our front yard. I will be raking and bagging leaves from this 100-year old ent well into November. Gladly will I do so.

A PRAYER OF TED LODER. Here’s a piece out of Ted Loder’s Guerrillas of Grace (Innisfree Press, 1984), a striking collection of poems and prayers from the heart of a Methodist pastor from Pennsylvania. Thanks once again, Kathy Wallace, for the gift of this book; it’s one I open often.

O extravagant God,
in this ripening, red-tinged autumn,
waken in me a sense of joy
in just being alive,
joy for nothing in general
except everything in particular;
joy in sun and rain
mating with earth to birth a harvest;
joy in soft light
through shyly disrobing trees;
joy in the acolyte moon
setting halos around processing clouds;
joy in the beating of a thousand wings
mysteriously knowing which way is warm;
joy in wagging tails and kids’ smiles
and in this spunky old city;
joy in the taste of bread and wine,
the smell of dawn,
a touch,
a song,
a presence;
joy in having what I cannot live without --
other people to hold and cry and laugh with;
joy in love,
in you;
and that all at first and last
is grace.

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