Friday, September 21, 2007


Charles Wesley would sing of us working--whatever it is we do in whomever's employ--as unto the Lord. His going-to-work songs put sacred context to coal mining and chimney sweeping. Mother Teresa would speak of each of us being Jesus' hands and feet. She would hold the open hand and point to the Gospel in five words on five fingers: "you did it to me." Mahatma Gandhi clearly saw, proclaimed, and lived the connection between good work and relationship to God and all things. Daily work and common toil is sanctified, also, in this piece from Hebridean Altars, quoted in Celtic Daily Prayer from the Northumbria Community. Let it season and dignify whatever labor that is before us this day.

Seven times a day, as I work upon this hungry farm,
I say to Thee, 'Lord, why am I here?
What is there here to stir my gifts to growth?
What great thing can I do for others -
I who am captive to this dreary toil?'

And seven times a day Thou answerest,
'I cannot do without thee.
Once did My Son live thy life,
and by His faithfulness did show My mind,
My kindness, and My truth to men.
But now He is come to My side,
and thou must take His place.'

Photo: Artistic Farming by Trude'

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