Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last evening, clouds gathered over the north side of Indianapolis, heavy and dark. And just about the time a soccer match of the Marion County Tournament I had anticipated was to begin, the skies opened up and thunder rolled. The game was delayed for several hours. As I waited out the thunderstorm in my VW Beetle (I had to, I had responsibilities at the match), I eventually let go of anxiety over this mild interruption and "cooperated with the weather."

Driving rain comes in waves,
splattering windshield and roof
as an evening thunderstorm moves
eastward across the city.

Parking the car, I close my eyes
and tune in to its rhythms
now piano, now crescendo,
but ever a steady percussion.

My anxious wish for it to end
dissipates like drops rolling down
angled glass coated with Rain-X;
the delayed soccer match can wait.

Even distantly rolling thunder
conspires to relax my senses;
I cooperate with the weather
instead of cursing its timing.

This storm will eventually pass,
perhaps not in time to salvage
the match I so anticipated;
It can be readily rescheduled.

Post script: With rain falling intermittently, the match eventually got underway. It wasn't a winning night for the Pike High School Red Devils. They lost to the state's #1 team, Lawrence Central, with a lopsided 4-0 outcome. LC is playing heads above every team in the region right now. As good as Pike is, watching LC is poetry and grace.

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