Monday, September 17, 2007


LISTEN UP: OFFER HOSPITALITY! Today, I happened onto a website that provides online audio of a workshop I conducted at the national Christian Community Development Association conference in 2005. Here's the link to the 75-minute workshop titled "Stop Providing Services: Recover the Practice of Hospitality." I ramble and stammer my way along in a presentation and issue I feel passion about.

JOURNEY TOWARD TRANSFORMATION. The workshop conveys my transition from rescue- and entitlement-based services to hospitality-focused compassion and offers principles and practices for this emerging transformational paradigm. This is the "guts" of my urban ministry journey to this point. It includes influences of John McKnight, Parker Palmer, Henri Nouwen, and Christine Pohl. Too bad the site doesn't include the slides I was showing as part of the learning experience, but thanks to Urban Ministry ( for putting the audio online.

CONTINUUM OF COMPASSION. In the workshop, I share my "Continuum of Compassion" model, which is the foundation of my Doctor of Ministry dissertation and novel, The Other Side of Compassion (being shopped for a publisher; interested?). It demonstrates the likeness, differences, etc. between three approaches to compassionate care: rescuing, providing services, and offering hospitality. It's in the "stages of faith" rubric. I'd be happy to send an electronic copy of "Continuum of Compassion" model to anyone who's interested - contact me at

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