Monday, September 3, 2007


END OF MY IMPOSED INACTIVITY. I'm grateful for Labor Day, especially this year. It not only signals the end of summer, but it signals for me the end of limited physical activity. I haven't been officially released by the neuro-surgical or orthopedic people, but I'm feeling strong and relatively pain-free. I'm down to a few Tylenol a day, if that. I've tried to cooperate with the imposition of physical limits for these months, but it seems natural to want to reengage and be active. I think that's part of the healing process.

SUMMER'S-END GIFT. Labor Day is like a gift at the end of summer. It's either a catch-up day or one last hurrah. I caught up on a few back-logged chores, ran errands, and rode my bike through Eagle Creek Park. Becky worked in the yard and read (in the photo, reading on our back porch). After dark, we gathered with Molly and Sam around the fire pit for a few minutes together. Tomorrow, things get back to normal. I'm thankful for this one day.

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