Thursday, September 20, 2007


COMPASSION IN SOUTHEASTERN OHIO. It's been my privilege for the past few days to be a staff retreat facilitator and guest at Good Works, Inc. in southeastern Ohio. Located in Athens, Good Works, Inc. is, in their words, "a community of hope for those struggling with poverty in rural Appalachia. We provide biblical hospitality through The Timothy House (our shelter for the rural homeless), The Hannah House (our long term residential care-community; pictured here), job experience programs, creative volunteer service opportunities and community development ministries in the context of Christian Community."

WHAT WE DO EMERGES FROM WHO WE ARE. Good Works, Inc. was founded by Keith Wasserman, who, as a student at Ohio University, opened his basement to homeless neighbors. That was nearly 30 years ago. I met with 16 of more than 20 staff members who work with hurting, hoping folks in this area in a variety of empowering ways. Keith's motto, "what we do emerges from who we are," is reflected in his life and the nature and practices of this ministry. Well worthy of support in prayer and contributions. Also, a great place to learn and serve outside the city. A great internship possibility and they are currently looking for interns! Explore their website:

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