Wednesday, July 18, 2007


DEVILISH DELIGHT. Didi Senft of Germany, aka El Diablo, leaps as a breakaway group of cyclists in Stage 10 of the Tour de France fly by on their way to Marseilles today. Senft has been at the roadside of most stages of the Tour de France for years. He may not be the Tour's #1 fan, but he certainly is its most recognizable.

WIDE OPEN. This edition of the Tour de France is sparkling with fresh faces, young winners, and resilient contenders. The field is still wide open for its eventual winner, unlike the years when Lance Armstrong so dominated the race that, barring him crashing or getting sick, it was essentially over before it began.

BLOGGING THRU THE GLORY. An American, Levi Leipheimer, is definitely a possibility for the podium in Paris. I'm pulling for an old (36 yrs) Frenchman named Christophe Moreau. I just think it would be good for the race and good for the sport to have the new champion speaking French. Leipheimer is currently in 9th place; Moreau is in 6th. I'm having fun blogging thru the Tour at The Tour de France for the Rest of Us. Jump over and check in on this incredible annual epic; it reaches Paris and the Champs-Elysees on Sunday, July 28. Until then, they're grinding it out thru some of the most beautiful landscapes, quaint villages, and metropolitan areas you'll ever see.

Did you know that the weight of the bikes ridden in the Tour de France must be at least 14.9 lbs? They are just that...barely. The average road bicycle weighs from 25-35 lbs.

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