Monday, July 2, 2007


LOOKING FORWARD. I looked forward all last week not only to feeling a bit better, but to keeping a wedding promise and striving to see if I could preach on Sunday. I am convinced this "forward looking" may well speed my recovery. I suppose I could wait for healing to occur, hoping it might happen. Instead, I choose to forward look toward fulfilling some promises and focus on moving toward some goals. The focus changes from merely measuring pain and coping to striving to heal for the sake of learning, serving, and growing.

SATURDAY WEDDING. For some time I have been working with a young couple in premarital counseling and their long-scheduled wedding date was Saturday, June 30-- nine days after my biking accident. Knowing it was a stretch, I still wanted to fulfill my promise of officiating at their wedding. So, with a back-up plan in place in case I could not muster the energy or ease from pain to guide the wedding, we forged ahead. The couple met in my home last week for one last session. I made it to Friday's rehearsal, standing the whole time. And, without faltering and in my kevlar back brace (who knew it wasn't just a rather odd-looking cumberbun?), I was able to unite this couple in Holy Matrimony on Saturday evening.

PREACHING ON SUNDAY. I was also pleased to be ready and able to preach on Sunday morning. It was an exceptional service, at that. We occasionally share a combined service with our sister congregation, Comunidad Cristiana, singing and speaking both in Spanish and English. Yesterday was the scheduled day for the service. It sailed without a hitch. Pastor Nicolas Estrellas translated my sermon. It was fun. After the worship service, we had a pitch-in dinner. A good ending and beginning! I am taking it easy and being careful, but I cannot be a couch potato!

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