Saturday, June 30, 2007


I DO KNOW HOW TO RIDE. My Free Methodist Bishop, Joe James, who rode with me in India, brought to the hospital a framed poster-size of this print of me riding my bike down a hill in India. He said he just wanted folks to know that I really do know how to ride a bike. Thank you for this kind gesture, Joe.

THERE AND HERE. It's hard to imagine that we pedaled over 2,000 miles over unknown roads and sometimes heavy and dangerous traffic conditions thru India in January and the first week of February without incident. And yet back home in Indiana, I ride a well-known trail on my mountain bike and end up with multiple fractures.

NO FEAR. When I am able, I plan to return to that trail and ride it again. It may take me a few runs to ride the bridge again, but I intend to do it. No curse on me. No intimidating aura. No "breaking" of my spirit. Will I use wisdom and warranted caution? Absolutely! Will I park my mountain bike in fear? No way!

BACK ON THE [STATIONARY] BIKE. Dan Laughlin brought over a stationary recumbent trainer for me to pedal on while recover. The trainer similuates variable speed resistances and monitors like a cycle computer. The pedaling and seat position is like a recumbent bike. I've taken some cranks on it and I think it will do the trick for next few months

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  1. I'm glad you're okay and recovering from your injuries.


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