Friday, June 29, 2007


RAGING RIVER: CRESTED AND SUBSIDING? I am finding, on the balance, the intensity of pain associated with my 16 fractures in the mountain bike accident is subsiding. It dominates my days, but it's not as intense as it was four days ago. Like a flooded river that that has crested but is still raging, my pain seems to be inching down the scale but still defines my hours and days at this point.

SABOTAGES THE CREATIVE AND PRACTICAL. I've been surprised at how much pain just completely sabotages my will to do anything creative or practical. I get an idea for writing or remember a call I want to make, but by the time my laptop is booted up and ready, I'm wincing or drained. This is a real struggle.

THE TEMPTATION TO "GIVE UP." Given my current struggle to move toward basic functionality and self-expression amid significant levels of pain, it is not hard to imagine that people faced with chronic issues of pain--whether physcial, emotional, social, etc.--soon "give up" and "give in" to mere survival and live down to the inert condition their pain seems to be drawing them.

THE PAIN OF POVERTY. I would include poverty as one such pain, one such struggle, which folks may exert effort to free themselves, but against which they grow weary and feel completely overwhelmed. If we are to understand the soul/life condition of our neighbors who live with poverty as a constant companion, as the very horizon that seems to dominate and define their lives, then considering the struggle against pain of various kinds may make some sense.

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