Saturday, June 23, 2007


BREAKABLE. I'm embarrassed about it, but it happened. Mountain biking with a couple of guys from church early Wednesday morning at Washington Township Park in Avon, I went off the edge of a trail bridge, fell eight feet, and really did a number on my ribs, back, right scapula, and sternum. A beautiful early-morning bike hike turned into torturous pain, an ambulance ride, trauma center care, and three days in a hospital bed.

John: 16 fractures, including two compressed vertebrae.

Raleigh M-80: unscathed.

THANKS, THEIA & LORI. I have to say that the level of care and attention I received in Methodist Hospital's trauma center and on the orthopedic unit surpassed my expectations. These units hum. And there are some outstanding staff who humanize the patient's ordeal. I commend two nurses on the orthopedic unit, Theia (day shift) and Lori (night shift) for their focused care, good conversation, and prodding to get me up on my feet and on my way. Thanks, Theia and Lori!

I WAS SICK AND YOU VISITED ME. I had lots of visitors from our church, expressing care and concern. Lots of folks prayed with me at my bedside and from a distance. Thank you. I believe prayer makes a difference. John Wesley said, "God does nothing but in answer to prayer." This underscores to me the importance of a physical presence of the body of Christ in the midst of suffering and pain. Nothing is so important in a schedule as this.

CONTINUING PAIN AMID RECOVERY. So, I passed the physical therapist's walking test and the trauma center's oxygen count requirements and, with a hard plastic and foam back brace around my torso, I headed home Friday afternoon. I'm told I will have six weeks of painful recovery and it will be three months before I can resume normal physical and recreational activity. I can verify the "painful" part. My ribs and cartilage are loose at my sternum and that's where my pain is focused with nearly every movement. Despite prescription narcotics, the pain can be momentarily intense. Even so, I hope to move forward and step into the future in cooperation with healing grace, good therapies, and wisdom.


  1. Passing the word at the cafe. And of course, we're praying for you, John.

  2. I will be praying for you.


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