Monday, May 7, 2007


TIME FOR GLORY? As I rode my bike through Eagle Creek Park earlier this evening, I knew the clear spring sky was going to produce a great sunset on the west side of the reservoir. I hurried home to get my camera and invite my family to go with me to the marina. All were preoccupied in one way or another, so I enjoyed the sun's curtain call in solitude.

NOW PLAYING. The sun repeats the performance down at the marina every evening around 8:30 pm, of course, but no two are quite the same. And how often do we take the time to watch? I'm not sure if there's anything so simultaneously peaceful and inspiring as a sunset over a body of water.

AFTER ELECTRICITY. This grand routine will be faithfully offering peace and inspiration long after the last TV set has flashed out and what's left of the human race once again looks to the sky.

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