Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I joined in the march for good immigration policy last evening in downtown Indy. The march, which started at St. Mary's Church, made its way to Monument Circle--the symbolic center of the city and state--where there was a rally.

For the record: these were not the kind of people portrayed so badly in the so-called "news" media. These were families and individuals who work hard, pay taxes, honor America, and who are simply asking for fair representation and treatment in immigration reform. These are not people who deserve the kind of vitriol local radio voices like Greg Garrison on WIBC radio and national cable TV show hosts like Sean Hannity and Glen Beck espouse and spew.

Also for the record: There were extremely few non-Latinos in the march or at the rally, even though advance information about the rally was readily available. So, I suppose most non-Latinos will form their perceptions and opinions about the issues and the event through the heavy-handed filter/bias of the news media.

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