Sunday, May 27, 2007


RIGHT STRATEGY. He wasn't the star of his team. He wasn't the fastest on the day. But Dario Franchitti of Team Andretti-Green used the right strategy to be the race leader when it was called due to rain just before 7:00 pm this evening.

WELL DESERVED. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving open-wheel racer. Franchitti, whose heritage is Italian but whose strong brogue clearly mark him as a Scot, has been coming to Indy for a number of years with good cars and good teams. He's won a fare share of races elsewhere and is well respected among Indy car drivers. But Indy had never gone too well for him.

WHEN INDY SMILES ON YOU. But the Indianapolis Motor Speedway smiled on Franchitti this evening, giving him the nod to move into racing legend with an Indianapolis 500 victory. His wife, actress and ultimate University of Kentucky fan Ashley Judd, beamed with pride as Dario crossed the start/finish line with both a yellow and checkered flag waving. Drenched in rain, she took off her shoes and fashionable hat and ran to hug him as he pulled into victory lane.

SCOTS AT INDY. Franchitti is only the second Scotsman to win at Indy. The other was Jim Clark in 1966.

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