Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Rarely do I go blatantly political in my posts, but here's an exception.

MORE "SECRET INTELLIGENCE." I am so weary of daily doses of freshly mustered lame justifications for continuing the debacle of an unjustifiable and misguided war in Iraq. The President's revelation of "secret intelligence" today that Osama bin Laden is planning further strikes against America via operations in Iraq smacks of the same ol' truth stretching and spin that American citizens have had to put up with for six years now. And who really should believe the President's, Pentaton's, or CIA's intelligence citings anymore? We've been duped again and again. Whatever the value "intelligence" reports have had in the past, it's value as "proof" has been forever corrupted by its abuse by this Administration's spin doctors.

WHO'S DESPERATE TO WIN? Instead of Osama bin Laden needing desperately to "win" in Iraq, as the President claims, isn't it the President himself who needs desperately to salvage some thread of victory--albeit at atrocious costs and threadbare as it may be--out of his siege, destruction, and unwelcome occupation of Iraq? No one wants to take the taste of victory away from him, but someone, please, act decisively to spare him and America from further international humiliation.

ONE STRING LEFT. It is clear: a claim of victory in Iraq is all this President will be able to hold as a positive legacy. Every President and Congress for the next twenty years will be cleaning up this Administration's foreign and domestic missteps, failed ideological experiments and bungling implementations. We will be digging out of a deficit for a generation. The next Administration will have to take up long-delayed challenges that this President has obfuscated or put on the back burner: health care coverage, Social Security, education, climate change, immigration, energy, poverty, urban development, crime, international relations. This President has only one string on his violin and he is trying to play it up for the sake of his history.

NOT BY MILITARY MEANS. By rebuffing the President's latest "the sky is falling" antics regarding Iraq and terrorism, by pointing him toward wisdom, good advisers could help the President begin to salvage his legacy and transition to a process of moving toward stability in Iraq. It is now clear to almost everyone but this Administration that America cannot by military means clean up the mess this Administration made in Iraq. Our troops are now mostly sitting ducks caught in the middle of sectarian violence and civil war. An internationally-sanctioned partition of the nation seems inevitable. It will happen by proactive decision or by violence in default.

SAVE YOUR FUTURE, MILITARISTS. Those who love and benefit economically from the vast military-industrial complex would do well to challenge the President's win-at-all-costs approach regarding Iraq. Every day that American military remains in Iraq now only further solidifies in the minds of more and more Americans that this use of military power is not legitimate and is, in fact, counterproductive. Those who value the pride and promise of the military, those who have worked hard to rebuild it's reputation after the debacle called Vietnam, those who wish to stay on the Pentagon dole, should think about the plummeting of its "stock" in the hearts and minds of the American public. In Iraq, violence to counter violence is revealing itself for what it is: not only inhumane and ineffective, but contributing to exponential enemy empowerment.

THE ONLY WAY TO "WIN." No one is going to win in Iraq. It is a "no-win" situation. Only those who broker an end to further destruction and set the table for clean up will have any claim to "winning" in Iraq. I'm contacting my Congressional representatives to ask them to do all within their power to influence their fellow legislators to move now toward resolution of the Iraq debacle with or without the President's cooperation. I'm urging them to stop this Administration's madness regarding Iraq. This is the best way I know to demonstrate faith and honor to the men and women whose blood has been spilt in Iraq for the sake of American integrity. It may also be the best way the President's sympathizers can help him exit with some semblance victory.

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