Monday, May 28, 2007


WHO JUSTIFIES THEIR SACRIFICE? 3,452. That's the number of American troops killed in four years of war in Iraq. And today, speaking at Arlington National Cemetery, our President insisted that it is Americans' duty to make sure the war is worth their sacrifice. Follow this logic, and war will be perpetual and all loss of life in war will cry out for ever more bloodshed. You have to win in order to justify the sacrifice? This is indicative of the shallow and fallacious thinking of our Commander in Chief and his advisors.

THEIR SACRIFICE IS HONORED. Having led America into war on false and misleading pretenses and having tragically, repeatedly misstepped the post-invasion strategy across the span of three years, our President now tells us it is up to us to make sure the deaths of 3,452 of our troops are worth it? Mr. President, their sacrifice and the worthiness of their service is neither up to us nor you to decide or determine. Those who have died serving in American armed services will always be honored, no matter the justifications of elected and appointed officials for the cause, no matter the outcome.

IT'S UP TO YOU, MR. PRESIDENT. It is up to you, however, to end the unnecessary loss of American lives. Claim the small victories that you can and stop the bloodshed of young men and women. A dramatically different strategy for stabilizing Iraq is now needed as part of the honor of the fallen for which you call. But that is not up to us. It is largely up to you. You can yet choose wisdom over ego, grace over grit, reason over rationalizations, understanding over ideological polemic. How many more American troops will have to die before your heart changes?

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