Sunday, April 29, 2007


WATCHING THE BULLS IN LOUISVILLE. Sam and I drove to his soccer tournament in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday afternoon. Thought I would ride my bike in the evening before dark, but there were lots of team activities and time got away. I ended up watching the Chicago Bulls play the Miami Heat on TV in the third game of their first-round playoff series. It's the first NBA game I've watched from start to finish this season. Don't know if I have ADD, can't sit still that long, or whatever. The Bulls appear to be an energized team, one to be reckoned with. Having won that game and put Miami into a 3-0 deficit, a hole no playoff team in NBA history has been in and come back to win a series, the Bulls finished off last season's NBA champs this afternoon. I only saw the last five minutes of that game for reasons or excuses stated above. So, the Bulls move on to play the Detroit Pistons in the second round. Should be a classic.

THE BEAUTIFUL GAME. I enjoy watching my kids and their respective teams play good soccer. Good soccer. Bad soccer is painful to watch. Good soccer is beautiful. Good passing, good trapping, on-goal goal shots, heartful intensity, movement to the ball, attempting great things. Beautiful. Sam's team generally plays good soccer. They played it in their second game on Saturday, keeping the Kentucky state champs scoreless until the last five seconds. A well-placed header slipped past the goalie. A heart breaker. But when good soccer is played, there are no regrets.

CYCLING IN LOUISVILLE. I rode my bicycle from the hotel in the Hurstbourne area into downtown Louisville and back between Sam's morning and afternoon games on Saturday. It is the weekend before the Kentucky Derby, I think, and there was a mini-marathon in process in the heart of the city. Like the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon that will fill the streets of Indianapolis next weekend, this mini brought lots of energy and enthusiasm into the city. Louisville's midtown area along Frankfort Road is quite nice as a rehab, redevelopment urban area. I enjoyed the ride. For those who are interested in cycling in Louisville, there is a nice riverfront path and auto drivers seem at least to be aware of the presence of cyclists.

FREEDOM WRITERS. Becky and I watched "Freedom Writers" last week. It was an inspiring movie. Of course I would like it, for, among other significant issues, it demonstrates the transformative power of journaling under the guidance of an insightful and caring teacher.

GRIEVING FAMILIES. I conducted a funeral and graveside service on Monday for Gary Meadows. The funeral was in Mooresville and the graveside service was in rural Bartlettsville near Bedford. Later in the week, I learned of the death of Dale Wolcott, a former Free Methodist pastor who lived in Woodruff Place and served as a lay leader in East Tenth United Methodist Church for the past twenty years or so. Dale was in hospice care at home when he died peacefully. I hold him in high esteem for his influence at East Tenth UMC to open up long-closed trust funds in order to serve the poor of the Near Eastside community. On Friday morning, I learned of the unexpected death my father-in-law's older brother. Bill Golay was 77, but he was not critically ill at the time. I have always been fascinated by the admiration Dave has had for his older brother. I am very much aware of the dimensions of grieving in all these individuals and families and relationships. I want to understand, as much as possible, what it means to grieve deeply and grieve well.

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