Wednesday, April 18, 2007


COME AND SEE. We're celebrating an anniversary for Unleavened Bread Cafe at 30th & Central in Indy on Sunday, April 22. Food and festivities begins at 12:30 pm and rolls on thru the afternoon. Come see why this little place is so big.

RESTAURANT OR MINISTRY? Elise Womack (taking an order behind the counter in the photo) facilitates the place like a ministry more than a restaurant. There's always a welcome, hug, and good conversation at Unleavened Bread. The food's cheap and good, too. You can get food and you can also get help learning how to use a computer for school or work. Learn more about Unleavened Bread Cafe at ubbloggin. It's a free wi-fi hotspot.

WEDNESDAY ROUNDTABLE. I've been participating in a 7:30 am Wednesday roundtable Bible/book discussion group at Unleavened Bread Cafe for about five years. Our group is open to anyone, but it's a bit unruly, just so you're fairly warned. I'd say our focus is exploring God's presence in the city--inside and out. We've worked through several books of the Bible (most recently the Minor Prophets) and books like Making Room by Christine Pohl, The Upside Down Kingdom by Donald Kraybill, A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren, God's Politics by Jim Wallis, and currently Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. Who knows what we'll grapple with--or what will grapple with us--next?

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