Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Earlier this morning, I posted the following to the New York Times' article about Don Imus' two-week suspension for making sexually and racially offensive comments on his radio show:
Imus’ suspension–and potential firing–should serve as fair warning to every other shock jock and self-proclaimed radio and TV guru granted the bully pulpit of public airwaves. Imus’ statements are no worse than the offensive sexual innuendoes, prejudices, bigotry, meanness, and uncivil discourse that broadcasts at local and national levels every day. Too bad the light is only shining on Imus. But maybe this incident will give every talking head pause before they mindlessly, carelessly spout their stupidity and venom into the minds and hearts of those who happen to be listening or overhearing. — Posted by John Hay, Jr. (Comment #592)

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