Tuesday, April 24, 2007


SECOND CHANCE. For those of you/us who missed the international observance of Earth Day on Sunday, April 22 because you/we...

(a) weren't paying attention,
(b) got caught off guard,
(c) were busy doing other things,
(d) really hadn't planned to get involved but might consider it on second thought,
(e) two or more of the above

...Earth Day is being officially observed in the Indianapolis/Central Indiana region on Saturday, April 28. We get a second chance to get involved.

GO DOWNTOWN INDY ON SATURDAY. At a most minimal level, there's lots of local resources online. For an up-close, personal and group encounter, there'll be a robust Earth Day celebration at the Veterans' Mall in downtown Indy on Saturday. This event always has lots of information and connections to creation caring organizations in the area . Every time I participate in this local Earth Day event, it's like a homecoming for friends I've made across the years through my work in urban neighborhoods, homeless services, regional planning, and faith-based initiatives.

EARTH CHARTER. Don't know if you're familiar with Earth Charter initiative. I have confidence in the local folks who are trying to advance this international effort to promote environmental integrity and advance practices and policies to care for the earth and its people (hey, that's us!). You can explore the Earth Charter website.

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