Tuesday, April 3, 2007


GO WEST. Most people head south and to the coasts for Spring Break. We head for the Rockies. For the tenth year in a row, our family has been privileged to spend the week of recess from school in Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge is about an hour west of Denver and within 30 minutes of five major ski areas (for those who like variety in skiing). Thanks again, Dave & Lillie, for your hospitality.

SKIERS & BOARDERS. Sam was four years old when he learned to ski; Molly was six. When Sam was six, he received a warning ticket from the Ski Patrol for skiing too fast. Now he's a snowboarder, along with Jared, Molly and me. Yes, I've crossed over to the "dark side," i.e., moved from skiing to boarding. Becky and Abby are the only family members who opt to tackle the slopes on skis. So, it IS possible for skiers and snowboarders to get along together...most of the time. Abby and Jared: we miss you out here. Glad you were able to be here in January, but it's not the same for us when you're back in Illinois in college classes.

HOLY WEEK ON THE SLOPES. It's a bit out of the ordinary to combine Spring Break with Holy Week. The juxtaposition is interesting. I think of this when I'm gliding down a slope full of adrenalin. But we're trying to live this week of recreation gratefully and mindful of the days. We'll likely participate with a local congregation in Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services before returning to Indy on Saturday.

Photo: Becky stands atop a ski run on Peak 9, one of four well-developed and easy-access ski slopes at Breckenridge.

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