Wednesday, March 21, 2007


FORTY DAYS. Most of us start Lent. I wonder how many of us keep it to its conclusion? My guess is that most folks, myself included, rarely keep focused on anything for forty days. It might have been different in days in which the pace was slower and information processing was not so complex and the things that push and pull us were fewer. Who can even remember forty days ago?

LOST AMID MANYNESS & MUCHNESS. Lent gets lost in the backwash as we speed through the weeks. Lent is a victim of manyness and muchness. Lent is not blaring at us, is not selling us, not phoning us, not e-mailing or instant-messaging or sending us reminders by post. Did it even have a chance?

FIRST DAY OF SPRING. Nonetheless, here we are, turning onto the downstretch of Lent. Maybe we've lost focus, given up on what it was we gave up for Lent. Here, on this first day spring, we have opportunity to refocus ourselves and rejoin the journey.

DAYS OF KAIROS. Palm Sunday is 11 days away; Easter is fully 18 days off. So it's not 40 days of preparation, still one could commit to a pretty intenstive and intentional spiritul discipline for the next 18 days. Two and a half weeks: it's enough time for a life's trajectory to be reset. Two and half weeks in kairos time is an eternity.

NOT TOO LATE. It's not too late to keep Lent. So what if others have been more faithful; it's not a contest. And it's not about them; it's about grace. Just don't waste the day. Now's a good time. Why not take this opportunity?

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