Sunday, March 25, 2007


The following observations and practices will take some explanation and contextualizing, but I don't have the time right now. Perhaps I can develop them if I have time this week. Like most of my reflections on bikehiker, these are written on the fly, in the margins. Sometimes I have the time and spirit to draw them out; sometimes, they're just there for some future gleaning.

1. Don’t reduce the Gospel to partisan power plays and divisiveness.

2. Don’t disengage because you disagree or apparently can’t “win.”

3. Examine every idea, proposal, or answer through the filter of the cross.

4. Ask: Am I acting on my fears, or choosing from trust in Jesus and God’s future?

5. With your choices, words, and actions, be the difference Jesus is making in you and the world.

Photo: this photo of a chalk drawing is one of numerous expressions of the cross at

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  1. Marti R.6:58 PM

    I was particularly drawn to item #3 and using the cross as a filter. Interesting that you would use a picture that states "In God I Trust." I shared the following recently about the new State of Indiana license plates with my family. For some reason, they bother me or at least make me think about how 'christians' are acting lately. Here is what I wrote:

    Recently the State of Indiana rolled out an optional license plate that reads "In God We Trust." It is nice looking; take a peek for yourself at I suppose if we took a poll (which seems to be how we run the country these days) those who profess to be Christians would make up the majority of individuals who choose to put this plate on their care. I am not saying that in general this is wrong, but ever since I saw the plate I keep thinking that it could easily read "In Money We Trust" (of course it would be green). Yes, I know that I am cynical at times, but I also know that too many of those who put this plate on their car will lives their lives struggling with which motto will eventually win out. As the verse goes, 'no man can serve both God and money.'


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