Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I started calling my 15-year old touring Cannondale "Little Black" while riding thru India in January. The name comes from a children's "Golden Book" by that title; it was one of my childhood favorites.

The story was about a black pony that was once the favorite of a boy...until he got a powerful horse called "Big Red." Rejected, Little Black was forlorn. In time, however, the sad Little Black was able to save Big Red's life. The boy's love for Little Black was restored; so was the pony's spirit.

I rarely ride my black touring Cannondale; I prefer my larger, relatively newer, costlier road frame Cannondale. But "Little Black" was the one I took to India...and it served me well while there. So, the name sticks.

Photo: I rode Little Black thru Brown County State Park on Monday and Tuesday while at meetings in Nashville, Indiana. As always, the vistas are inspiring and the park is pristine. Soon it will be mushroom hunting season. Shhh...don't tell where you find them.

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