Friday, March 9, 2007


CITY AS A PROCESS. “Urban culture is spreading out and colonizing suburbs, small towns and rural areas. The city is less of a place and more of a process, taking its franchised outlets to small towns, and its standard newspapers and TV broadcasts to the remotest rural village.”

SPRAWL IS NOT ESCAPE. “There is no escape from urbanization as a process. The exodus of families and work forces results in suburban sprawl and the growth of small towns and villages; this represents an extension of the cities and not the escape from them that many frightened and ‘flightful’ people have assumed.

PRAY TO LOVE YOUR CITY. "We can look at our cities as sacred because God is present and at work in them. If we are to minister in our cities we must love them--architecture, sewer systems, politics, history, traditions, and neighborhoods. If you feel overpowered by your city, ask God to enable you to love it. That will revolutionize you."

— Ray Bakke in The Urban Christian

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