Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Attention Evangelicals who have either been taken in or completely offended by the recent pseudo-spiritual rhetoric of right-wing Republican power broker James Dobson (yeah, the Focus on the Family guy) regarding a Christian perspective on environmental challenges facing the world: think again. Neither knee-jerk, lock-step conformity to the Evangelical status quo nor complete dismissal of Evangelical guardedness is necessary.

I recommend that you set aside the current debate and take an hour to read and reflect on creation care with Howard Snyder. Read Snyder's excellent paper, "Creation Care and the Mission of God." (this is a PDF file; Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

Snyder, an Asbury Theological Seminary teacher and fellow Free Methodist, approaches creation care from a sound Biblical and theologically responsible perspective. It dwarfs the politicization and polarization that Dobson and his cohorts have made of the environment. Snyder answers important questions and hesitations Evangelicals have about the relationship between the environment, the Bible, the church, and the Christian mission. You will appreciate his careful considerations. I think you may also find a way to engage in creation care that encompasses a most Evangelical sense of Christian mission.

Howard Snyder has graced us with books such as The Radical Wesley, The Problem with Wineskins, The Community of the King, and, most recently, Populist Saints. Explore Snyder's Wineskins website with articles, sermons, hymns, and resources.

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