Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This caught my eye as I scrolled through the news this morning:

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - "An 81-year-old Dutchman who saw a shoplifter flee a supermarket in The Hague chased after the thief on his bike and crashed into the man to stop him, police on Tuesday. Officers said the 81-year-old had observed the shoplifter 29, run from the supermarket with two employees in pursuit."

"'The man did not hesitate a moment, followed the fleeing suspect on his bike, rode into his legs, whereupon both fell,' police said in a statement. The cyclist injured his hand and shin in the fall and had to undergo treatment. The shoplifter was arrested and found to be carrying 122 euros ($162) worth of cosmetics, police said."

"Cycling is very popular in the Netherlands. The famously flat country has more bikes than people with each resident riding an average of more than 900 km (560 miles) a year."
Ride on, great-grandpa! I can only hope to be able to do that 34 years from now!
According to Bicycling magaine, The Netherlands have more bicycling commuters per capita than China or India.

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