Tuesday, February 13, 2007


WINTER WONDERLAND. It's a winter wonderland in Central Indiana today, thanks to a snow storm that's blowing thru the region. We awaken to four inches of snow and a full day of falling flakes. School's cancelled and folks are encouraged to not venture out on the roads unless entirely necessary. An honest to goodness snow day.

GET OUTSIDE. The snow is so inviting. It creates energy in me. Instead of staying inside and out of it, I want to get outside and into it. I'll shovel the drive and walkways, then strap on my cross-country skis and head over to nearby Eagle Creek Park to glide through the woods. Later, maybe we can go sledding. Some might say I'm supposed to be too old for this stuff, but whoever makes such statements really doesn't understand me. Maybe playing in the snow would do them some good, too.

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  1. Eric Spangler7:21 PM

    Welcome home, brother. -Eric


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