Thursday, January 4, 2007


DIMENSIONS OF A JOURNEY. I’ve been thinking about the nature of this experience. It has various dimensions. Certainly there is the physical and mental test that we feel everyday. Then, there is the overt purpose of the project—to raise $600,000 needed to rebuild Umri Christian Hospital, a goal I hope everyone who is reading this will support in some measure. Another aspect of the trek is to raise awareness and support for UCH within India via our conversations and contacts along the way. For instance, a trade official from Dubai stopped by to talk with us and promised support for the hospital. Wow! An official of Qatar pledges support for a Free Methodist Hospital to a rag-tag group of cyclists riding through the heart of India.

BEING OPEN TO GRACE. There are more dimensions of this experience. But if this is not a spiritual journey, it is no journey at all. Spiritual journeys are not necessarily as straight forward as others. I may not be able to choose the path of learning, insight and growth on this journey. It is not like seeing a map, following the road and pedaling into encounters with nature and humanity. I can, however, choose to be open to grace, to challenge my vain thoughts, to move way from selfishness and mere consumption of things and ideas, to cease reducing religion, politics, and people to predictability and cycle, to dare to believe and trust in God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ—to see this grace and love everywhere breaking through and to live out of this center of divine anticipation.

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