Tuesday, November 7, 2006


I voted this morning at 6:15 am. Mine was the 18th paper ballot in Marion County precinct 46 to slide through the electronic voting machine. Who'd ever know if my ballot was or was not registered and counted? I had to trust the machine and the nervously smiling people monitoring the whole scenario.

There were lots of folks in the fire station and 30 or so cars lined up along the road in the early-morning darkness. I wonder what that means?

I love to vote. It's such a profound act. So limited, but so potentially impactful. One person, one vote. But many "one vote"s can end corruption and change leadership...or bless it.

I don't know how all those other people in my precinct voted, but we'll know by day's end (maybe). Will people across the county vote similarly? Will the state's citizens vote alike? Will the nation reflect its collective fears and hopes?

I'll watch the returns on CNN and MSNBC late into the evening -- watch the pundits and pollsters try to make sense of us -- "we, the people."

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