Friday, November 3, 2006


IRONIC HUMOR. This photo is being widely circulated via e-mail forwards this week. Even as one who will gladly defend John Kerry's remarks for what they were intended to be--aimed comically at the President and not at troops--and as one who thinks the mainstream news media has hypocritically aided and abetted Kerry-bashers, I just find this humorous. Ironically so many levels. But maybe it gave these guys (and gals? I can't tell from the photo) a good laugh and momentary relief amid their "stuckness."

SINCERELY NOW. Humor aside, I only hope and pray that the troops who are holding the sign make it home alive and with their limbs intact. Perhaps the sincere efforts of Vietnam-era veterans like John Kerry will be successful in bringing sense and closure to the unraveling debacle of this President's costly intervention in Iraq. Hang in there, troops, "halp" could be on the way.

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