Wednesday, November 8, 2006


In light of the tide change that swept Democrats into power in Congress, I've been making a few mental notes that I now articulate:

1. Don't gloat. We're tired of that kind of behavior from public servants. That's one reason you got the votes of so many of us.

2. Don't act arrogantly. We're as weary of that attitude and posturing as anything else.

3. Don't seek reprisals. Duly investigate what ought to be investigated. Seek to set things straight. But don't try to exact revenge. It will come back to haunt you.

4. Hold yourselves as accountable as you believe the Bush Administration and those who controlled the decisions before you should be held accountable. Set a new high standard in public ethics.

5. Look every gift horse, i.e., concession or conciliatory gesture, given in the name of "bipartisanship" in the mouth. Don't be gullible. Discern carefully.

6. Don't get caught up in a war of words with partisan pundits, PACs, or the press. Don't make stupid decisions based on reaction to unsettling words issued from the TV, radio, and Internet waves. Just lead with integrity.

7. Deal decisively to conclude the mess in Iraq by cultivating a win/win dialogue on broader Middle East neighborhood challenges. Deal with primary sources of terrorism and terrorism will lose its support.

8. Reestablish a credible, enviable foreign/international relations approach. Remember when America was respected and relied upon as the world's peacemaker?

9. Bring the public dialogue focus back to domestic challenges. Remember us?

10. Address poverty at home and abroad. Tie homeland, national, and international security to it. Explore these linkages creatively.

11. Represent all of us, not just those who say they deserve your allegiance because they think they helped get you elected by paying for your slimy TV and radio ads. You are beholden to no one but we, the people. If we think you're being bought, remember, there's another election in less than two years.

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