Sunday, October 1, 2006


Here's the structure around which I worked with the setting of Exodus 4-6 during our time with the Word at WEMO this morning. The context includes Moses' initial meetings with Pharaoh and Pharaoh's initial resistances to Moses' call to let the Israelites go free. I'm too tired this evening to flesh it all out again, but I hope to bring this skeleton into perspective and application over the next few days.

1. When you choose a future guided by faith, things can get worse. Exodus 4:29-31, 5:1-9

2. Abusive power does not yield without a fight. Exodus 5:10-18

3. There may be no immediately discernable point in the suffering you bear…only a Presence and a Promise. Exodus 5:19-23, 3:12

4. Inward struggles in the face of difficult outward circumstances can become significant obstacles to spiritual and social breakthrough. Exodus 6:9-12

What to do when your faith takes you from bad to worse:

  • Refocus on the promise.
  • Keep coming back to God.
  • Challenge your fears and doubts every way you can.
  • Be still and know...that God is God.

5. When God promises, the struggle will be worth it all. Exodus 6:1-8

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