Thursday, October 12, 2006


Actions are the doors and windows of being. Unless we act we have no way of knowing what we are. And the experience of our existence is impossible without some experience of knowing or some experience of experience. We cannot find the depths of our being by renouncing all activity.”

But when we act according to grace, our actions are not ours alone, they belong to God. If we follow them to their source, we will become at least potentially capable of an experience of God. For His actions in us reveal His being in us. The whole of life is to spiritualize our activities by humility and faith, to silence our nature by charity.”

“‘To go out of ourselves’ is to act at the very summit of our being, not moved by our own nature but moved by God Who is at once infinitely above us and Who yet dwells in the depths of our being… A perfect act of faith should, at the same time, be a perfect act of humility.”

-- Thomas Merton in Thoughts in Solitude, 1956

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