Monday, September 25, 2006


EXACERBATING THE PROBLEM. "Iraq War Increases Terror Risk." These are the headlines of today's newspapers around the nation and world. An independent report with deep and wide input from 16 different American intelligence agencies corroborates what many of us have been saying for the past three years: America's war on Iraq exacerbates and heightens the risk of extremist Islamic terrorism. It has seeded and mobilized another generation of young people ready and willing to commit atrocities in the name of religion at the behest of extremist Islamic firebrands who are using religion to advance their myopic delusions. Read one of the many stories on this report by clicking here.

BAD INTELLIGENCE OR POOR INTELLIGENCE? The President's decision to attack Iraq was based on fallacious intelligence on Iraq having or trying to develop weapons of mass destruction and Iraq as a haven for terrorist training. The President's decision to attack Iraq was also based on short-sighted thinking about his own Administration's conception of a global war on terrorism. The attack on Iraq was justified to Congress and the American public, in part, on suspicion of it being a terrorist state. This has long since been completely disproven. Instead, the attack on Iraq dissipated the intensity and skewed the focus of the purported effort to wipe out Al Qaida and dry up root causes of terrorism around the world. The war on Iraq, undertaken against the wisdom of the United Nations, was quickly "won" on the ground but never won in fact. Instead, by one misstep, abuse, and ill-advised move after another, America's subsequent actions have fueled distrust, resentment, and hatred in Iraq and across the Middle East.

MORE OF THE SAME. The question now: how does this Administration and/or Congress act to undo the damage that has been done with the least possible further loss of life or fueling of terrorist sentiment? My hunch:
(1) This Administration will find a way to spin this report in its interest and favor, or try to counter it with its own information, or discredit it by attacking its sources.
(2) There will be no change in this Administration's policies regarding Iraq, leading to further loss of American and Iraqi lives, further fueling of terrorist sympathies, and further quagmire in this state for which "regime change" was to bring welcome liberation and peace.
(3) There will be no change in this Administration's policies or priorities regarding its war on terror. This means that diplomacy, goodwill, and efforts to relieve hunger, end poverty, and engender education will be given short shrift while the heavy hand of military might has carte blanche.

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